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Arcade Independence Square

Arcade Independence Square

The newly opened Arcade Independence Square is in one word – beautiful. The collection of buildings that used to be the Jawatta Lunatic Asylum and later known as the Auditor General’s building, have been renovated to their former glory.

The interior of the building has been decorated meticulously. The white walls are studded with an abundance of windows and doors, with wooden staircases under skylights connecting the two floors of each building, and endless corridors that are all too easy to get lost in. There are handsome tables, armoires and settees set in every corner, with statues and displays of crockery interspersed with large photographs of the complex itself. The chandeliers are particularly stunning, and one must stand directly underneath to see the beautiful symmetry of it all.

There’s a certain lavishness in the green lawns against the white buildings, and flowers are plentiful with the occasional tree here and there. One centre of attraction is a huge sculpture of lions resting, three handsome maned ones and two lionesses basking in the sunshine.  The other is a large pond scattered with fish, with a fountain peeking out at one end. It’s covered in a transparent walkway that is suspended over the water and makes for a delightful stroll.  The outdoor seating area is perfect, partly in the shade and partly shining in the glorious sun. The seating area is perfect too, very old-fashioned white garden chairs on one patio and modern seats near the food court. It’s easy to see that this will become a thriving, vibrant spot in Colombo, similarly to how well Racecourse has done.


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